Samsonite gets Lee Jong-Suk to front new youth campaign

Samsonite RED released a new video ad for 2017 starring Korean superstar Lee Jong-Suk. Tiana Tolstoi, also stars in the video alongside Lee.

The ad is based on the concept of a “big man” and encourages people with the message that you are bigger than you think. In the ad, along with other models, a larger-than-life Lee and Tolstoi stroll the streets of New York, paint the walls of skyscrapers and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Each scene depicts how the city and world around them can be enjoyed. Metaphorically, representing the highly advanced modern society. Moreover, the ad showcases how the younger generations move towards their own dreams.

“As the brand empathises with the Millenials, Samsonite RED will make every effort to be the voice of the younger generation in 2017. We hope the message in the ad will resonate with the young people and communicate the brand’s authentic encouragement for those who are exhausted, to overcome and be liberated from the fierce competition in their daily lives,” said Satish Peerubandi, general manager of Samsonite Singapore.

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