Sakae Sushi places iPad to take orders

Leveraging technology to better serve its customers, Sakae Sushi Malaysia has launched its menu on the iPad.

The feature is developed by G2 Direct Interactive, the digital specialist arm of Grey Group Malaysia.

The Japanese Sushi chain first introduced this at The Curve's menu in an effort to further improve its customer service experience.

Displayed on every table on a metal holder, the iPads are designed to resemble an actual menu which customers can browse through and zoom in to see each item. Once selected customers will be able to confirm and send out orders directly to the kitchen.

After the orders have been sent out, customers are able to track items that have arrived or are being prepared.

The device increases staff productivity in the restaurant as with the new system orders no longer have to be transferred by hand for billing but can be sent directly to the cashier.

According to the company, the interactive menu went through several phases of improvement as it continually researched rising trends and demands of the market. These changes included its layout and introduction of touch screen technology in its outlets.

Sam Chan, general manager of G2 Direct Interactive Malaysia said, "Every day, every minute, someone out there is interacting and engaging digitally. G2 Direct Interactive is going beyond just campaigns and into the realm of how and when people engage with digital as their way of life."