Sa Sa adopts Boutir's solution to create personal online stores

Sa Sa International has made its foray into personal online stores through the adoption of Boutir’s solution, enabling the cosmetics retailer to better combine online and offline shopping.

With the tie-in with Boutir, customers can first visit Sa Sa’s physical stores or access product information via Facebook Live, then complete their purchases on the beauty consultants’ personal online stores on Boutir's app. By using the Boutir app, Sa Sa’s beauty consultants can easily engage customers as they can recommend products to them before checking orders and arranging delivery.

This partnership will help Sa Sa establish an omnichannel sales system to boost sales by leveraging the company's existing resources including social media, customer base, and multi-brand beauty advice provided by its professional beauty consultants. 

“The partnership with Boutir allows Sa Sa to transcend the spatial-temporal boundaries by using social media to engage and offer more for customers in Hong Kong," said Simon Kwok, CEO of Sa Sa.

"At the same time, this partnership is generating additional commission income for the frontline staff amid COVID-19 outbreak and pivoting Sa Sa towards a new retail model," he added.

This latest partnership is not Sa Sa's first step in social media commerce. In October 2019, Sa Sa piloted a WeChat mini-programme to target Chinese customers visiting Sa Sa retail stores in Hong Kong or Macau. The company has decided to expand online sales through social media for Hong Kong customers after achieving successful results from the pilot run.

In addition, Sa Sa has also actively launched live broadcasting across multiple social media platforms in Hong Kong and mainland China to further attract online customers.

“The launch of ‘online personal stores’ breaks the physical limits of brick-and-mortar stores and makes it easier for customers to connect with the frontline beauty consultants for more personalised product recommendations and offers," said Eric Ng, founder of Boutir.

He added, "Looking ahead, we remain on the lookout for the right retailers to further solidify their brand position in Hong Kong and to achieve more meaningful sales growth.”

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