S4M and Tapad partner to provide cross-channel view of customer journeys

Drive-to-store platform S4M has announced a strategic partnership with digital identity resolution specialists Tapad. The goal of which, is to provide S4M’s clients with cross-device metrics and a holistic view of anonymous customer journeys across digital devices. 

S4M states that incorporating Tapad’s omnichannel Tapad Graph viewing tools makes them the only competitor in its field able to generate traffic for retailers across multichannel touch points including desktops and mobiles websites, as well as in physical stores.

“Advertising metrics should no longer be separated across the digital and physical worlds,” explains Christophe Collet, CEO of S4M. “Our clients can now fully benefit from insights on their customer behaviours both online and offline to better manage their media investments and optimise in the best performing channels.”

The partnering companies have spoken out on the importance of removing data from silos and being able to chart the complex customer journeys of modern consumers. A 2018 joint Google CEE and IPSOS study showed more than 80% of consumers conduct research on products both online, offline and on a variety of devices before completing a purchase. With this move, S4M can now provide holistic attribution models to their clients, allowing future opportunities for high-impact digital investments.

“We are very excited to partner with S4M as they expand into the digital cross-device landscape,” explains Tom Rolph, VP of EMEA at Tapad. “There is no doubt that there is a large market demand for better multi-channel attribution, and we are proud to be their partners by offering our pioneering digital identity resolution solutions that help solve marketers’ evolving needs.