Rod Strother exits Lenovo

Lenovo’s director, digital and social centre of excellence, Rod Strother is set to leave the company. His last day is today.

Strother (pictured) has been with the company for over four years. In his role, Strother was responsible for leading the social media marketing team in Lenovo. His team was tasked to develop social media as a core skill throughout the company. He was also tasked to develop and roll out global social media campaigns, provide all social media analytics, corporate governance and training in social media in order to support company's business objectives.

Prior to the role at Lenovo, he was general manager of Catalyst UK, where he was responsible for set-up and establishment of Asian base in Singapore. In the role, he also oversaw the sales teams in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. Prior to that  Strother led BBDO Proximity for two years.

Lenovo has confirmed the move to Marketing and added that the digital and social centre of excellence now reports to Lawrence Yu, executive director of  global engagement marketing. Strother was also previously reporting to Yu.

Earlier this year, Lenovo announced that it would be cutting 10% of its workforce which is approximately 3200 jobs.