RoadShow potentially returning to KMB's onboard TV ad business

Almost two years after ceasing its operation of onboard TV ad business for Kowloon Motor Bus' (KMB), RoadShow will return to the transport company's screens this year, Marketing has been informed.

According to a source familiar with this matter, RoadShow will resume on-board TV ad business in 2019. Asked if there is an official timetable, our source declined to comment. However, the source said that more details will be made public in April.

RoadShow's TV ad business ceased operation in June 2017 when its license expired on 30 June 2017. The company said the main reason for ceasing broadcasts of KMB bus-TV was to reallocate its resources to other more profitable segments of the group’s business.

The company's core businesses include bus body ads, bus interiors, bus shelters, digital panels, billboards, and 888 LAB - an arm established in 2017 - offering integrated marketing solutions for advertisers to connect with customers.

In March 2017, rumours spawned from the Facebook page “Buscess” about the shutdown of RoadShow's onboard TV ad business. Talk circled around a profit-to-loss swerve in 2015, resulting in a reported HK$47 million loss attributable to shareholders. The company also recorded a HK$45.3 million loss in 2016.