Ridiculous things clients in Singapore say

Pat Law, an outspoken founder of creative agency GOODSTUPH, shares with Marketing some of the wildest things heard in the agency world.

  • “Can you change the font? ‘Ill’ in ‘illuminate’ looks like three joss sticks.”
  • “Can you spell out ‘plus’? The plus sign looks religious leh.”
  • “Can we create a festive campaign that can be used for Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year?”
  • “Is ‘Red is the new Black’ racist?”
  • “If I sign off to a 12-month retainer, can you give me two more months for free?”
  • “Eh, the website needs to be IE compatible please. Top management uses IE.”
  • “Please book that Clear Channel bus shelter space outside our office. Our CEO drives past there every morning.”
  • “We need to target Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans” (by the way, this was in an actual brief found on Gebiz by a government body).
  • “We need to talk about the prevention of HIV following the principles of ‘ABCD’. ‘A’ stands for ‘abstinence’.”
  • “We cannot run ads next month. It’s seventh month.”
  • “We need a SG50 campaign. Because it is SG50.”
  • “You need to pay an admin fee of $200 to submit your pitch proposal to us.”
  • “Can we use Pan-Asians? They look more wealthy than Chinese.”
  • “The birds above my property cannot be black. Turn them white.”
  • “Red packet for volunteers? But they are volunteering right?”
  • “Can we buy the goodie bag from Taobao?”

Share with us some wild demands you might have heard from clients below.