R/GA and Uber look to personalise brand experiences

R/GA Singapore has partnered with Uber to summarise visualisations of the rider trip data in the form of Year With Uber. R/GA develops products, services, and communications to grow our clients’ brands and businesses

A dedicated microsite called www.yearwithuber.com, hosts a series of city stories created from Uber rider data in Singapore, Manila, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta. The stories are animated snapshots of activity across each city, including total distance travelled, top local destinations and international cities visited, and the environmental impact of multi-rider initiative uberPOOL.

Visitors to the site also get to see their own year with Uber. By logging-in, a personalised experience is generated with a summary that can be shared via Facebook.

The design and build of Year With Uber also involved collaboration with R/GA’s Buenos Aires, Bucharest and New York offices, with music production by Fuse Adventures in Audio. The look and feel is in sync with Uber app, incorporating line drawings of landscapes and cityscapes, a monochromatic and cool-hued palette, and use of the iconic Uber “bit” to show movement.

“Uber uses digital to bring you a physical experience, so we wanted to bring your physical experience back to a digital one. As humans, we have a fascination with turning statistics into something tangible, so bringing thousands of data points to life was a great way to encapsulate the feeling of an Uber ride into a fun, intriguing online experience," said Mark Tipper, executive creative director, Uber Singapore