WATCH Rexona’s Do the Moves sweeps music, social media charts

Music is one sure way to get into the hearts and minds of Filipinos, especially ones that can get them of their feet.

A dance music video by Unilever deo brand featuring four of the Philippines’ hit performers has landed top spots on both the country’s music and social media charts in the past weeks.

Do the Moves, collaboration between Apl.De.Ap of The Black Eyed Peas, Sarah Geronimo, Enrique Gil and Elmo Magalona, is currently at #3 on the MYX Video charts’ Daily Top Ten.

It was also a hit on web, amassing 431,622 combined views for the official music and lyric videos on YouTube, as well as over 6 million Twitter impressions and 73 thousand mentions within ten days from its first airing.

Noticeable was the absence of any blatant Rexona promotion on the video, leading audiences to believe that it was a dance hit void of any brand tie-up when it was initially launched on 8 March.

Filipinos were still hooked, when Unilever revealed that Do the Moves, created by Lowe Philippines and their activation unit Open, was part of Rexona on 16 March - highlighting how the brand's commitment to the song's idea rather than utilize it for just brand exposure paid off.

Neil Trinidad, marketing manager for deodorants & oral care at Unilever, said that the dance hit was released just on time for summer break to inspire teens to be more active.

“We wanted to give teens an anthem, and with Do the Moves hopefully we have something that can be their soundtrack to doing more this summer,” Neil Trinidad, marketing manager for deodorants & oral care at Unilever.

In addition to radio placements and online instructional dance-steps videos, Unilever will complement the music videos growing popularity with on-ground activities. This includes a Do the Moves countrywide dance tutorial caravan in the coming months and a nationwide dance battle later this year

Roman Olivarez, Creative Director at Lowe and OPEN Philippines, commented: “It was a fun shoot, but it also felt like we were making something bigger than a music video. From the fan response pa lang, you can already see how this is sustaining fan engagement, and that it is going to shape the summer of 2014.”

#DoTheMovesOfficialMV hit the top trending spot on Twitter just 30 minutes after the music video's initial release and was replaced by #RexonaDoTheMoves on Twitter's trending list within 40 minutes of the brand reveal.