Reuters to tap into growth of online publishers with new partnership

The story of online journalism, particularly live video, encroaching upon traditional journalism is an old one.  One traditional media organisation is tapping into the rise of online media for business opportunities.

Reuters has partnered with broadcast services provider TIMA to offer location services starting 22 February, starting with the Academy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles.

A network of newsgathering facilities and support services will be formed, with broadcast and satellite resources strategically placed in regional hubs to support the broadcasting of events around the world.  Customer support, on-the-ground production and editorial staff and access to live studio facilities are also part of the offering.

Target customers of the service are broadcasters and online publishers hoping to cover major global and regional events such as elections, summits, sports, national celebrations and breaking news items such as wars, natural disasters and militant attacks.

Cities covered by the services include New York, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro and Middle Eastern cities such as Tehran, and extend to places where breaking news is unfolding.

“Reuters-TIMA Location Services will support broadcasters and online publishers with editorial, technical and infrastructure support on location. Our service will enable our customers to focus on what they’re good at – telling their story to their audience – while the entire operational side, including technical and local knowledge, is taken care of,” Tim Santhouse, Reuters global head of video products, said.

Meanwhile, Alla Salehian, CEO of TIMA, said, “There are an increasing number of TV channels across the world and a growing appetite for online video content. The result is a huge demand for live international video news and analysis 24 hours a day.”

[Image]: Reuters video announcement of its partnership with TIMA

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