Reuter Communications opens showroom at headquarters in Shanghai

Reuter Communications has opened a new showroom space at their Shanghai headquarters that offers clients a venue to showcase and market their latest collections to China's top media, influencers, and celebrities.

The 200 square-metre venue has mobile payment functionality connected and is being positioned as a shop-able venue. the company has stated that it wants to provide brands that are currently unavailable elsewhere in China with the ability and location to put them on display.

The agency said fashion shows - from international and Chinese creative talents, -and make-up masterclasses from both big-name and niche beauty brands will be available at the space.

"The new showroom allows us to hold our own vibrant range of events, giving clients, partners and local creative talents a space in which to display, showcase and interact with the luxury community in China. The showroom is just one small part of our continued growth, as we also bring clients new digital, integrated and strategic services," said Chlo√© Reuter, founding partner of Reuter Communications.