Gome adds emotional touch to CNY story

Electronics retailers Gome and JWT Beijing have created a recordable gift box that let the country’s reserved consumers tell their parents how they really feel about them during Chinese New Year.

Chinese consumers traditionally buy their parents gifts to show respect during Lunar New Year, making this the best-selling season for household appliances.

But many people in this reserved culture have trouble saying “I love you” to their mum and dad.

To resolve this, JWT Beijing created an in-store activation that allows consumers shopping for holiday gifts at Gome to tell their parents how they really feel during the holiday season.

Customers who purchase gifts are invited, free of charge, to enter the “Love Delivery Box” booth and record a message, which is captured on a recordable light sensor chip, inserted in the gift box, and delivered the next day. When the recipient opens the present, they hear their child’s heartfelt words.

“In the Chinese world, love towards parents is deep and rich, yet restrained. Adults express their love by visiting their parents or buying them gifts, but few will say “I love you”,” said Nicky Zhang, JWT Beijing’s senior creative director.

“The older generation was not super expressive. You knew your parents loved you, but they never said it – and neither did you, growing up. But when we spoke with people of all ages, we found they wanted to express their love to their parents – and the older generation really ached to hear it.”

To promote the activation, which is on offer in 195 Gome stores between January 17 and February 5, JWT created a documentary-style TVC for Gome that’s airing online. The campaign leverages the retail giant’s broad footprint and distribution might, giving the company a leg up on its online competitors, and positions the brand a talking point during this important holiday season.

“We have already received an amazing response,” said Luwen Li, marketing centre director at Gome.
“Many people’s faces are covered with tears when they are recording. We’ve all been quite deeply moved.”

Gome Love Delivery Box

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