Retail Marketing Hong Kong 2018 is back for the fifth time

Retailers are increasingly finding it difficult to establish new ways to connect with customers, which strategies are going to get a response today, and what tools and technologies should they employ to win over consumers. What really matters today is taking it back to the consumer and asking what their expectations are today.

To be successful in the retail world today it is crucial to look at what the consumer needs. Where are they being alerted by your marketing efforts – is it through your advertising or your presence of your retail store and once your customer goes to make the transaction what services do they expect?

Join Retail Marketing 2018 on 9 May for all the fresh insights on today’s scene; from why you should be raising the standards of your retail store to how to exceed expectations on your customers’ e-commerce journey.


To investigate these issues and many other retail-related items, Retail Marketing Hong Kong 2018 is back for the fifth consecutive year.

This conference will gather the best industry insights, keep you on track with the latest trends and explore the future of retail with top business and marketing leaders.

Retail Marketing Hong Kong will be held on 9 May 2018 at The Mira, Tsim Sha Tsui.

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