Republic Poly targets market research professionals with new programme

Republic Polytechnic (RP) has signed a three-year deal with the Market Research Society Singapore (MRSS) and the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), to launch Singapore's first Advanced Certificate in Market Research programme.

Co-delivered by RP and MRSS, the programme intends to help market research and marketing professionals develop skills for improved decision making to discover new business opportunities. The four-month Continuing Education and Training programme, inline with the national SkillsFuture movement, commences in April 2018 and comprises six modules. They include the application of current research methodologies and the latest technologies used in both qualitative and quantitative research, as well as the use of business analytics to harness consumer insights.

The tripartite collaboration will also include joint industry projects, talks and learning attachments for RP students and staff to deepen their skills and enhance career development prospects. Real-world case studies in Asia will also be touched on, allowing participants to gain an edge in market research practice, helping businesses make strategic decisions to progress in the competitive industry. Non-market research industry executives looking to embark on a career switch into the industry can also benefit from enrolling in the programme.