REDTABLE becomes official Korean partner of Ctrip gourmet list

REDTABLE, a startup that developed a global platform for restaurant marketing, recently signed a contract to become the official Korean partner of Ctrip gourmet list, the independent gourmet brand of Ctrip, China's largest online travel website.

The K-ICT Born2Global Centre, a major Korean government agency under the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP), announced that its member company REDTABLE was named as a judge for Ctrip gourmet list, based on its accumulated global big data and analysis technology. In addition to evaluating and recommending popular Korean restaurants for tourists from Greater China, REDTABLE will also be working with Ctrip to operate a reservation service capable of receiving orders and processing payments via mobile devices.

REDTABLE CEO Doh Hae-yong said, "Once the THAAD problem is resolved, we expect a steep increase in the number of Chinese tourists coming to Korea, which will contribute to the revitalisation of local businesses. We also expect that more tourists will be getting information through Ctrip gourmet list on restaurants that are popular among Koreans, leading to an increase in the number of tourists seeking out local businesses."

REDTABLE operates Korea's largest China B2B network and is currently supplying food tourism products to major Chinese travel agencies, including Ctrip, Tuniu, Alitrip, and TongCheng, as well as to Dianping, China's largest restaurant review website.

According to Ctrip, of the 6.2 million tourists from Greater China who visited South Korea last year, 2.2 million did so using its services.

Restaurants recommended by Ctrip Gourmet List have now accumulated a total of 10 million page views and attracted one million unique users. Furthermore, the brand's official Weibo account has six million followers, while its WeChat account has 22 million.