Red Bull Malaysia concludes national contest, awards RM250,000 to 904 winners

Red Bull Malaysia’s has concluded its national contest, titled “Start Right, Charge Ahead”, awarding RM250,000 to 904 winners over the course of 76 days. The contest aimed to encourage the consumption of its energy drink before the start of any activity for an “extra boost of stamina and mental focus”.

It also looks to refine the most effective consumption manner for its energy drink, which is to begin each activity with Red Bull so consumers have the mental focus and physical stamina to yield the best results from their activities.

“Consumers usually consume Red Bull during or after an activity, but throughout this campaign, we wanted to educate them that Red Bull should be consumed before the start of any activity – be it work, sports, driving or studying. This is so that they are provided with the right fuel to perform optimally in all the tasks they undertake.” Jate Samathivathanachai, director of strategy, Allexcel Trading said in a statement.

The contest lasted for 76 days and also saw Red Bull selecting a total of four winning entries towards the end of the campaign. The grand prize winner was awarded RM50,000, followed by RM10,000 to the second prize winner, and lastly RM5,000 to each of the two third prize winners.

Consumers were required to purchase two cans of Red Bull to participate, and test their skills by answering a question and submit their entries through mail-in, SMS or social messaging, or online. According Samathivathanachai, the campaign received tremendous support and the brand is “very excited” to roll out other initiatives in its pipeline.

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