Red Bull F1 drivers get physical with the king of fruits in new video

Red Bull Racing Formula One's team drivers Daniel Ricciardo (pictured left) and Max Verstappen (pictured right) are back again with another local challenge. This follows the launch of Red Bull's recent Singlish challenge video, where the duo attempted to guess phrases such as “catch no ball”, “kan cheong spider” and “fly aeroplane”.

In the latest video, Ricciardo and Verstappen are presented with the challenge of opening a durian using everyday tools such as a screwdriver, hammer, mini saw, a rubber chicken, and even a chair - yes you read that correctly. Brute force such as overarm and high throws were also employed to open the durian. Following that, they had to take a bite of the king of fruits, a task which they were rather hesitant to complete.

The video, which is gaining traction online, amassed over 1.4 million views, 31k reactions, 7.8k shares and 5.8k comments at the time of writing. Netizen reactions were generally positive, with many commenting that the video was funny and they enjoyed the chemistry between the two drivers.

Bask Communications and videographer Justin Fernando were involved in the production and execution of the video.

Red Bull wanted to generate relatable, engaging and genuine content to build rapport with fans off the track. It seeks to provide the freedom of space for the drivers to showcase their personalities and real life chemistry, by going out of the box and stepping out of comfort zones when carrying out content marketing, especially on social media.

Both Ricciardo and Verstappen will film social media videos at every F1 Grand Prix stop and on their first evening in Singapore, they got on a eight-minute Facebook live video to chat with fans.

The video has garnered 341k views, 13k reactions, 3k comments and 632 shares at the time of writing.