Reckitt Benckiser creates interactive OOH campaign

OOH company Clear Channel has partnered with media agency Initiative Singapore to launch visually interactive panels for Reckitt Benckiser’s new heart supplement, Schiff MegaRed. The creative agency behind the campaign is Havas BKK.

These panels feature a LED heart beat like a healthy heart which is lit up. It sends across a simple message to consumers that Schiff MegaRed is scientifically proven for a healthy heart. The campaign is aimed at raising top-of-mind awareness for Schiff MegaRed, amongst health conscious individuals and educating them about the benefits of krill oil.

The campaign will also run on TV and online until the end of the year. This will run alongside a static 6-sheet poster network targeted at 100 locations around supermarkets and convenient store, distributed island-wide.