Real-Time Advertising Landscape: Case study – Interactions via omnified screens

Mediacorp OOH Media exclusively offers the use of its omnified screens for advertisers to connect and engage tech-savvy consumers in high traffic belts in major shopping and heartland hubs. The screens have the capability to host interactive games, screen live feeds, perform immediate transactions and even share experiences on social media.

They bring static advertisements to life, providing an avenue beyond the usual out-of-home mediums to bring personalised experiences to consumers via their mobile devices through NFC technology. Not only can content be pushed to consumers, these omnified screens can pull real-time analytics such as time and location, allowing marketers to gain valuable insights and make adjustments to campaigns on the fly.

GrabTaxi’s (now Grab) Grab Convenience campaign was the first campaign to run on these screens. It featured a live feed of Grab taxi locations around the vicinity of 10 bus shelters, enticing waiting bus commuters to fl ag their taxis instead with a free promotional ride. This redefined digital outdoor advertising by showcasing the use of live-feed technology leading to an immediate call-to-action.

Gardens by the Bay and Firefly also extended their campaign promotions on these omnified screens through trivia contests, utilising the dynamic NFC for the public to take part in these contests with their smartphone. These interactions were recorded in real-time, with data constantly being refreshed every minute, enabling advertisers to have a dynamic analysis on the behavioural profile of these consumers.

These campaigns demonstrated the ability of these screens bridging online and offline media, giving advertisers a seamless follow through to engage and interact with their audiences. These weatherproof digital panels with audio are strategically placed within crowded bus shelters, attracting waiting commuters to watch and hear various engaging content.

Real-life interactions simplify the process of building a relationship with the consumer because these relationships become instantaneous. Consumers can even take away this experience and continue the engagement on their mobile phones.