Raucous Red Bull for Soapbox racer

Red Bull is gearing up for its first Red Bull Soapbox race this Sunday with a series of guerrilla marketing and live events taking place across the city.

As Marketing goes to press, stolen taxi wheels and tricycles modified to resemble a San Pan, Dai Pai Dong and a Chinese Opera House are being promoted across Tsim Tsa Shui and Mongkok, with other activities underway in Wan Chai and Central.

TCOB, appointed to manage all of Red Bull's creative business in Hong Kong earlier this year, has launched the events, including an animated 4D billboard with light, sound and animatronics.

"We were tasked with coming up with a series of non-traditional activations with an emphasis on generating word-of-mouth," said Alex Brazendale, director of TCOB.

Other activities in addition to include Mid-Level escalator billboard include "Roof Racers" on top of some of Hong Kong's 693 footbridges.

The major attraction in the campaign (which also attracted the attention of local law enforcement) was taking a Hong Kong taxi, parking it in a busy location and striping its wheels.