RapidKL uses Annabelle doll as campaign tactic to promote good behaviour

Have you seen Annabelle on your commute home? The infamous haunted doll has been making its rounds in MRT stations across KL to "haunt" ill-mannered commuters.

This is part of RapidKL's campaign to promote good behaviour on public transports.  In a Facebook post, RapidKL posted a picture of the doll sitting on one of the MRT seats and the MRT gantry, along with the caption, "Dear valued customers, lately we've been receiving surprise visits from Annabelle. Mind your manners while you're on our trains or...she will haunt you FOREVER."

The hashtags #annabelleisnear, #citizenwithmannerswanted and #forabetterfuture were used to reinforce considerate behaviour on the MRT.

The post garnered over 22,000 reactions, 8,593 shares and 3,570 comments at the time of writing. Reactions from netizens were mostly positive, with many finding it funny and approving the use of social media to educate commuters on such an issue.

Others liked the fact that RapidKL was able to spice up its Facebook page with some entertaining posts, while some played along with the witty post and commented they were afraid.


A spokesperson from RapidKL said the purpose of the campaign was to create civic awareness among members of the public. This move was part of a series of posts to raise awareness of courteous and considerate behaviour on MRT, after inconsiderate users vandalised the facilities of the newly launched Sungai Buloh-Kajang line last month.

According a spokesperson from RapidKL, the idea came when the team received Annabelle picture from a customer through a Facebook private message.

“This is part of our awareness campaign as lately we received a lot of photo regarding the bad manners in our trains. We just received the photo of Annabelle from customer and thought, why not if we approach customer in different ways/styles,” he added.

“We received so positive feedback from the users. Nevertheless, we will keep on promoting our awareness campaign so that passenger will be more aware/alert with do and don’ts while using our trains/service,” he said.

The other posts included educating commuters to keep the MRTs clean and not eat and drink on board, reminding commuters not to use handle bars to do chin ups or carry out action stunts, and to share seats with others instead of placing their bags on empty seats.

The next time you wish to display inconsiderate behaviour on public transportation, remember, Annabelle is watching.


(Photo courtesy: RapidKL, GIPHY)