R/GA Singapore rolls out AI division to help transform customer experience

R/GA Singapore has launched Brand AI, a bespoke capability dedicated to creating artificial intelligence (AI) solutions embodying the voice and tone of brands.

The Brand AI team will be led by senior technology director Laurent Thevenet (pictured centre), creative director of experience design Mark Law (pictured left), and executive director for consulting APAC Jehan Leanage (pictured right). The unit will also leverage cross-disciplinary talent from the agency’s global network including designers, developers, and data scientists.

The offering includes the design and build of AI-driven products and marketing communications, chat/voice assisted products, and traditional customer support. This follows a model launched and led by R/GA Chicago’s SVP executive creative director Matt Marcus, and executive technology director Michael Morowitz.

In 2015, the agency first rolled out an eponymous bot for internal use, automating the everyday operational needs of its people via Slack. Since then, R/GA has developed frictionless intelligent systems and experiences to drive business results and grow customer support capabilities for clients including Nike EMEA, Samsung Global and Uber APAC.

Nick Coronges, EVP, global CTO and partner in R/GA Ventures, said its unique partnerships with start-ups from the R/GA Ventures portfolio enable "lightning-fast integration".

"This, along with our depth of experience with enterprise AI platforms from Google, Microsoft, Aliyun, Facebook, Tencent, Adobe, and others, allow us to drive AI innovation on a continuous basis with our clients. Doing this effectively requires collaboration across business, brand, design and IT teams. “This integrated approach is essential in bringing about real business transformation through AI innovation," he said.

Meanwhile, R/GA Singapore MD Dorothy Peng said, “We’re excited that the depth of expertise in our local team and the collaborative relationship within our network allows us to pioneer Brand AI in Singapore. This is a unique capability we can offer to existing and future clients in this market which will help them transform customer experience and grow their businesses.”