Surreal or stupid? WATCH LG’s “most human phone ever”

In a move to promote its newly launched curved model G Flex, LG has unveiled a whacky commercial which imagines the device as a human hand, complete with a human ear and a bearded, cake-eating hand.

Dubbed The Most Human Phone Ever, the spot has adopted surreal plots such as letting the lead character Danny Boy feed and kiss his transformed hand in an attempt to show why the model is, well, kind of like a human “handphone”.

Stay until the end for the weirdest sauciest part.

The spot has been live for just four days, but has prompted considerable discussion over the web, which as this point is mostly negative.

One viewer called it the “dumbest commercial I have seen in a long time” and another declaring that “this ‘alternative comedy’ thing is going a bit far.”

Or perhaps it is the fast-growing nature of the smartphone category which is forcing phone makers like LG, Samsung and HTC to go to greater lengths to stay in the game.

For example this Samsung Galaxy Round commercial in Korea:

And this controversial celebrity-centric parody from HTC:

If it’s talkability they want then great, job done. But at what risk?

Jennifer Chan
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