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Quiogue, Borromeo joins Solar

Solar Entertainment Corporation has roped in veteran marketers to lead its broadcasting and cable business, appointing Maria Theresa “Mitos” Borromeo as chief operating officer and Manuel “Meckoy” Quiogue as chief commercial officer.

Borromeo (pictured wearing blue) confirmed with Marketing that she will be leaving Bates CHI & Partners to oversee overall operations at Solar. Her last day at Bates is at 6 July.

She brings to the table extensive background in advertising, having held positions at DY&R/Alcantara, Lowe and JWT.  She is also the former managing director of Mindshare Philippines and CEO of Group M Philippines.

Borromeo said the jump to the media owner side with Solar was “hard to refuse.”

“Working in the industry has always been a dream and these opportunities are hard to pass.”

Bates is currently looking for a business strategy and new business consultant who will fill her spot from outside the agency. Borromeo shared that Solar offered her the role a month ago.

Meantime, Quiogue’s (pictured wearing brown) appointment at Solar confirms his plans to take on a role at the media owner side, which he cited when he left Group M as President and CEO last December.

He will be tasked to manage programming, marketing and sales of Solar’s cable and free-television channels. His job is reminiscent of his former role at ABS-CBN’s Studio 23 and GMA Marketing and Productions as president and COO.

In addition to broadcasting, Quiogue is a respected marketer who previously handled major accounts such as Coca-Cola, and Unilever brands. He is also the former president and COO of JWT.

Solar Entertainment Corp. is a Philippine-based broadcasting network engaged in the acquisition, syndication, distribution and promotion of world-class programs and formats, in partnership with major international studios and content producers. It also produces localized franchised programs as well as original local programs. Its channels include ETC, 2nd Avenue, Jack TV, Jack City, Solar Sports, Basketball TV, and NBA Premium TV, among others.

(Picture from Solar News)

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