Quiksilver carves out surf time for over-worked Japanese businessmen

Japanese businessmen, otherwise known as “salary-men”, are notorious for their over-worked culture. As students with flexible schedules, they were able to enjoy time and surf, but once their careers took off, they no longer have the time.

TBWAHAKUHODO has launched a digital-led campaign for Quiksilver Japan to back its new “True Wetsuits” line, a surfers garment that can also be worn as suits on business occasions. The concept is to enable Japan’s over-working businessmen to regain their work/surf balance.

The campaign launched today with the dedicated Quiksilver “True Wetsuits” website and an online film that shows fans how they can fit surf time back into their busy lives.

On the website, Japanese surfers can select their size and order the perfect wetsuits, including a jacket, pants, shirt and tie. The made-to-order suits cost 300,000 yen and take approximately two months from order placement to delivery.

Watch the making movie of the film:

Creative director: Kazoo Sato (TBWAHAKUHODO)
Copywriter: Takahiro Hosoda (TBWAHAKUHODO)
Interactive planner: Tetsu Suzuki (TBWAHAKUHODO)
Art director: Keisuke Shimizu (TBWAHAKUHODO)
PR planner: Hideyuki Kobayashi (TBWAHAKUHODO), Wataru Seki (Material)

Brand director: Shin Kimitsuka (QUIKSILVER JAPAN)
Merchandiser: Eiji Kobayashi (QUIKSILVER JAPAN)
Apparel: Kim Hyoksu (QUIKSILVER JAPAN)
Factory manager: Satoshi Terai (C.WORLD)

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