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Struggling with quiet quitting? Here are 3 tips for PR professionals

Struggling with quiet quitting? Here are 3 tips for PR professionals

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"Quiet quitting" is a new term that has emerged recently. It essentially refers to being less psychologically invested in work and backing out of duties that are beyond one's responsibility. Without a doubt, this issue isn't just isolated to an industry but impacts the global workforce in general.

The marketing and PR scene, for example, is known for being always-on. However, given the evolving landscape, companies need to change as well to meet the needs of the younger generation. Azmi Yaakop (pictured), FGV Holdings' group chief strategic communications officer, told MARKETING-INTERACTIVE that there are three tips PR professionals can adopt if they are struggling with quiet quitting on their teams.

1. Become buddies rather than a boss or a superior. Constantly check in on them to understand their boundaries, problems, and challenges. Most importantly, industry professionals should also not cross boundaries.

2. Have employees do various tasks, especially things that they enjoy and train them to be multi-skilled communications practitioners.

3. Reward them as they deserve.

Azmi, who is also one of the speakers at MARKETING-INTERACTIVE's upcoming PR Asia 2022 conference, has more than 22 years of experience in the industry and he currently oversees the operational and strategic communications area of FGV that covers external and internal communications initiatives. This covers conventional and social media platforms, stakeholders' management, branding, advertising and promotion as well as event management.

"[Quiet quitting] is something relevant and current that I have experienced in my previous organisations and am currently experiencing, particularly among the Millennials," he explained. According to him, this conversation around quiet quitting is paramount as it needs to be tackled carefully. This is because it affects the productivity and motivational state of the team and Azmi said it is the leaders' role to help alleviate the situation accordingly.

When asked how he motivates his team during tough times, Azmi said he has always established a casual relationship with his team members, treating them as friends or buddies rather than a relationship of a superior with their subordinates. He also promotes and applauds open and transparent communications within the team. Most importantly, to foster better trust with employees, they will always have his support under all circumstances. "Thus, during tough times it is very crucial to keep the spirits up so they will continue performing their best albeit the work pressure and the challenges they face," he explained.

Meanwhile, on a personal level, he always encourages employees to speak to him personally to share their challenges and problems at work so he can help ease their burden accordingly. "The fact that they have access to me 24/7 via Whatsapp or SMS to get my comments and feedback about work, I think it is a huge relief for all of them," he added.

Azmi also finds time to bring the team together outside office hours, such as having karaoke or bowling sessions, or even a simple makan session to strengthen the bond and motivate them. 

While Azmi said he is witnessing quiet quitting mainly among Millennials, companies, in general, will also have to prepare for Gen Z who will eventually enter the workforce soon. To meet their needs, Azmi said companies should allow more flexibility among team members as long as the job is done. This will be helpful when it comes to meeting the needs of the younger generation. They should also have different approaches in day-to-day deliverables beyond the conventional ways of a typical office setting, he added.

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