Qantas partners Destination NSW, debuts video content series

Qantas has partnered with Destination New South Wales (DNSW) to launch a new content series, geared towards Singaporean travellers. Titled “Meet the Sydneyporeans”, the three-part video mini-series features Singaporeans living in Sydney and beyond.

Produced by FALCON Agency, the series was launched today on Qantas’ YouTube channel and microsite. It stars MasterChef Australia 2012 contestant Audra Morrice, who was most recently also a judge on MasterChef Asia in 2015. It also features a family and a young couple. In each episode, the “Sydneyporeans” bring viewers on a tour of their favourite spots across New South Wales. Watch the trailer here:

According to the press statement, the series is designed to introduce the sights, sounds and flavours of New South Wales through the eyes of the featured Singaporeans. The website also features information about the locations showcased in the series so that travellers can customise their own itineraries.

Offerings featured have also been curated by Singaporeans who are now experts, having lived in New South Wales and discovered local gems which can appeal to fellow Singaporeans.

In a statement, Destination NSW CEO, Sandra Chipchase, explained that Singapore is an important source market for tourism to Sydney and New South Wales. This is with 120,500 overnight visitors travelling to New South Wales and staying more than 1.4 million nights in the year which ended March 2017.

“Singaporeans are sophisticated travellers and very familiar with New South Wales. In fact, almost 75% of overnight visitors from Singapore to New South Wales are repeat visitors. This campaign allows Destination NSW and Qantas to highlight what’s new, what the locals love, and what Singaporeans must see – all curated from a truly Singaporean perspective,” Chipchase added.

“As Australia’s national carrier, we are proud to share with Singaporeans the amazing natural beauty, incredible food and dining scene and popular beach spots in New South Wales. We are excited to be working with Destination New South Wales and Audra to help Singaporeans get the most out of their trip to Australia,” Benjamin Tan, Qantas SVP for Asia and Papua New Guinea, said.