PZ Cussons enters Indonesian eCommerce scene with Lion & Lion's help

UK-based healthcare and consumer goods company PZ Cussons is moving into the Indonesian eCommerce scene with the help of Lion & Lion. The partnership involves driving eCommerce campaigns using a creative combination of targeted brand marketing and media strategy.

PZ Cussons has operations in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia and has been operating in Indonesia for 33 years. Lion & Lion will lead PZ Cussons’ eCommerce campaigns in Indonesia by building upon the company’s tagline of “Enhancing Everyday Life, Creating Moments of Delight”. To deliver this brand promise, the agency has developed a comprehensive approach that combined brand performance analysis, market and category data, and consumer behaviour insights, thus ensuring that the brand’s communication strategy resonates with its target audience.

Lion & Lion will also manage creative visual curation by designing PZ Cussons’ digital shelving across all its sub-brands including Cussons Baby, Cussons Kids, Imperial Leather, Original Source and Carex. Platforms targeted for the campaigns comprise regional shopping channels Shopee and Lazada, as well as homegrown online outlets such as Tokopedia and JD.ID.

Satish Kunwar, head of digital commerce, PZ Cussons Indonesia, said Lion & Lion demonstrated good strategic thinking and a structured approach in its solutions for the company with the shift in consumer behaviour due to COVID-19. People are shopping more consciously and embracing digital commerce, utilising the digital space to manage social distancing. “We are leveraging on this trend in order to better serve our consumer priorities, which are currently centred on fulfilling their basic needs,” added Kunwar.

The Indonesian eCommerce scene is no longer an isolated touchpoint with the sole purpose of purchase-and-go, added John Campbell-Bruce, MD of Indonesia, Lion and Lion. He added that it is critical to provide a consistent experience across all channels including eCommerce in order to drive strong brand affinity and sales for brands to thrive today.

“As the current eCommerce ecosystem contains thousands of merchants competing for consumer attention and sales, brands that invest in quality experiences with an emphasis on delivering value for customers will see phenomenal results. If consumers can understand what a brand stands for, how they can relate to it, and how the products can provide utility for them, they will develop a relationship of trust and value with those brands,” said Campbell-Bruce.

Separately, Lion & Lion also partnered with dermatological skincare brand La Roche Posay for the brand’s expansion into Indonesia last month in June. The agency is responsible for La Roche Posay’s brand launch campaign, with a focus on raising awareness for the brand on social media and digital as well as building strong brand equity and desirability, while communicating and educating Indonesian consumers via engaging and appealing creative content. 

To strengthen creative excellence across the group, the agency also appointed Jonn Dogra as its head of brand experience earlier this month. He reports directly to chief product officer of Lion & Lion Cheelip Ong, who said that Dogra is “highly strategic and is a true digital-native who believes in creating work that connects and engages with consumers across multiple touchpoints.”

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