Publisher expelled by audit body

AP Energy Business Publications has been expelled from auditing body BPA Worldwide and has had its membership with the latter terminated due to non-payment.

In a statement to its members, BPA Worldwide on its website said: EXPULSION – NON PAYMENT: The BPA Worldwide membership of the subject publication, published by AP Energy Bus. Pubs. Pte. Ltd., has been automatically terminated because of violation of Section 3.2 of the Bylaws in that they failed to pay an invoice rendered them by the Corporation.”

AP Energy Business Publications publishes oil and gas magazine and petrochemical magazines such as Petromin Pipeliner, Hydrocarbon Asia as well as an oil and gas directory.

When Marketing spoke to Eddie Raj, managing director and executive group editor, AP Energy Business Publications, he said that it had not been expelled, but had voluntarily left BPA as the latter’s stringent restrictions were hindering its publication circulation from growing.

He explained that BPA required all subscription forms to be fully filled out to be included in its circulation rate. “In this day and age, who has time to fill out a full subscription form? But if they give us an address, we send the magazine to them anyway,” said Raj, who is currently based in Indonesia.

He declined to comment on whether the expulsion was due to non-payment.

When asked if it would then switch auditing bodies, Raj said no. “It has little effect on us anyway, we are already established in the industry and our readers continue to read us.” He added that his advertisers were not affected as well.

A check on the BPA site showed the latter two publications are already recorded as being expelled with PetroMin’s resignation still pending.

Petromin’s last audit report was published on June 2009(with a circulation of 5,722), Hydrocarbon Asia’s was on June 2010 (circulation: 4,273) and Oil & Gas Asia Business Directory on June 2009 (circulation: 6,857). Raj said that these numbers had more or less been maintained at the same rate.

The energy publications are distributed in ASEAN in print and an online version has also been launched to reach out to wider markets. AP Energy Business Publications is based in Singapore.

BPA could not be reached for more comments at the time of writing.

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