Publicis Groupe rolls out AI-powered innovation Marcel

Publicis Groupe has unveiled Marcel, the AI-powered innovation named after the group's founder,  Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet. Marcel was developed in a bid to accelerate the group's transformation from a holding company to a platform. It aims to create the first borderless and frictionless enterprise workforce, consisting of 80,000 employees worldwide to usher in a new era of creativity and innovation.

According to Arthur Sadoun, chairman and CEO, Publicis Groupe, the decision of tying the development of Marcel to its one-year industry event hiatus was a "controversial, but necessary one". In June last year, Publicis Groupe announced the creation of Marcel, to connect its 80,000 employees and reinvent the way that the agency works internally and with clients.

Given the industry has gone through unprecedented challenges, demonstrating that incremental change is not a solution. The need for reinvention is stronger than ever, Sadoun said.  He added that the group aims to break the barriers between talent and opportunity with Marcel, and is determined the do whatever it takes to reinvent an industry that has struggled to evolve over the past 40 years.

Sadoun added, "At Publicis Groupe, we haven’t waited to act. We have broken the divide between data, creativity and technology. We have broken our silos through the Power of One. Today, we are breaking the barriers between talent and opportunity with Marcel. Marcel is a journey to shift Publicis Groupe from a holding company to a platform and give creative minds the freedom to progress and thrive in this ever-changing industry."

Marcel is built on the foundation of four key pillars: knowledge, connectivity, opportunity and productivity.

  • The power of knowledge serves to educate and inspire our people through creative work and illuminating business, industry, account and cultural intelligence.
  • The power of connectivity finds, matches, casts and suggests the most appropriate people within the Groupe to connect, depending on people’s needs, interests, behavioural patterns
and desires.
  • The power of opportunity provides a multitude of ways that each person can contribute, participate and flex their skills and passions on other projects beyond their day-to-day accounts.
  • The power of productivity turns the often tedious and highly-manual processes like timesheets and expenses into seamless and incredibly easy tasks. Fuelled by a live organisational data graph and Microsoft AI technology, Marcel will deliver a fluid, intuitive, intelligent and rich experience for the 80,000 strong workforce.

"Marcel is the proof of our commitment to our people. At Publicis, we will put them first in our transformation, and give them the opportunity to learn, share and create more than anywhere else. Marcel is the proof of our commitment to our clients. They will be able to leverage our incredible diversity of talent to bring to life the ideas they need to grow their business. And, of course, Marcel is the proof of our commitment to our industry. We will be a force for good, by leading the change," Sadoun explained.

"It drew a line in the sand and left no doubt that we are determined to do whatever it takes to reinvent an industry that has struggled to evolve over the past 40 years. So I’m grateful to our people, our clients, and our partners at industry festivals around the world for their support and solidarity during this period, which will end in July 2018.  And, last but not least, I’d like to thank everyone at Publicis Groupe who, both directly and indirectly, have contributed to the ideation and production of Marcel. Marcel is the power of all of us, working as one, and we have already begun to prove that,” he said.

Publicis Groupe worked with Microsoft on Marcel to empower every employee with knowledge and the innovation. Microsoft AI is being used to power the knowledge graph behind Marcel, and the conversational AI experience that is bringing this knowledge to every employee.