Public Bank turns to digital

Public Bank's credit card acquisition division has unveiled a new digital campaign catered for the online audience.

The campaign, "RM388 Cash back", allows new online credit card applicants to enjoy cumulative RM388 Cash back upon successful applications online.

"We needed a campaign that could speak out to the younger generation with a creative concept that would fully leverage from the advantages of the online media channels," said Byron Ong, Public Bank product manager.

The digital campaign is executed by LAB, who is responsible for the strategy, creative, media planning and media buying duties for this campaign.

The campaign leverages on the key traits of online users who are tech savvy, well informed and who are always seeking opportunities to enjoy the finer things in life.

"In order to form a sense of differentiation between Public Bank Credit Cards and other credit cards available in the market, we needed to strategically craft a message that relates to the online audience.

"We identified the profile of online users that revolve around their key characteristics of being makers, experiencers, survivors, innovators and collectors. Therefore we have crafted messages that relate to the target market to enable them to indulge in their own insanity, whatever that may be," said Andrew Yong, group executive director of LAB.

The campaign is ongoing until 31 March 2013.