PUB wants Singaporeans to 'Make Every Drop Count' with new campaign

The Public Utilities Board (PUB) has launched a "Make Every Drop Count" campaign in a bid to encourage Singaporeans to adopt water conservation habits.

In lieu of the World Water Day 2019 this month, the campaign aims to educate Singaporeans on the rigorous treatment process and use visualisation methods to demonstrate how the act of letting taps run for an extra second has an impact on water wastage. Developed by Tribal Worldwide Singapore, which was recently appointed, the campaign involves a month-long programme of community events and activities.

The integrated campaign also includes an online pledging microsite, outdoor, social and digital marketing elements. Pre-campaign research by PUB found that Singaporeans tend to take water for granted and that there was a lack of public awareness of the amount of effort that goes into treating and producing clean water.

Members of the public are also invited to take their W.A.T.E.R Pledge at the microsite to make a commitment to practice water-saving habits and also join the #GoBlue4SG movement.

“This year, we’re taking on a fresh approach to change Singaporeans’ water consumption behaviour. We hope that this will help increase their appreciation of water and nudge them to be more proactive in saving water," Cindy Keng, director, 3P network department, PUB said.

Benson Toh, creative director, Tribal Worldwide Singapore said that the team deep dived on the workings of PUB, before distilling the insights that formed the bedrock of the campaign. Leveraging on the agency's total experience capabilities, the team formulated a full-fledged communications plan using a mix of storytelling, technology and behavioural change tactics.