PUB picks Tribal Worldwide as creative partner

The Public Utilities Board (PUB), Singapore’s national water agency, has awarded its creative duties to Tribal Worldwide Singapore. According to a press statement, this is "the first creative agency in more than a decade to be appointed creative partner for the board."

The scope of work includes a holistic programme for water conservation through behavioural change, education outreach, product and merchandise innovation, original edutainment content and a through-the-line campaign launching the first phase at Singapore World Water Day in March 2019. The appointment is for a year.

“We have found a great marketing partner with the behavioural insights and creative energy to inspire Singaporeans to adopt new behaviours to conserve water. The team at Tribal has impressed us with their approach of behavioural nudges and engaging storytelling to trigger action, it’s progressive and exciting” said Cindy Keng, director, 3P Network Department, PUB.

Tribal is set to take on the pressing issue of water conservation in Singapore. Findings by PUB show that while Singaporeans acknowledged that water is scarce, a good proportion of those surveyed admitted that they do not actively take measures to save water. This will form the basis of the agency’s main task: to change behaviour and drive action.

“We’re honoured to be working with PUB on this significant mission to protect one of our nation’s most precious resources. We have some exciting ideas in the pipeline and can’t wait to bring them to life with our Total Experience consultancy approach, where we will embed themselves in the client’s organisation to work with stakeholders to create truly effective programmes,” said Jeff Cheong, president of Tribal Worldwide Asia.

Most recently, PUB also received such added attention when Nas Daily also talked up the water conversation efforts of Singapore.