Prudential’s Cha-Ching talks about misleading ads

Prudential’s cartoon band returns for the third season of its edutainment animated series called Cha-Ching to teach kids as young as seven about money smarts.

Cha-Ching is the flagship CSR program of the British insurer launched in seven Asian markets in 2011, namely Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Prudential has produced 13 episodes so far teaching four money management concepts – earn, save, spend and donate – using the proven power of video and song. Aired on Cartoon Network, the new season will feature three new videos.

In one of the 3-minute animated music videos, Prudential’s lovable characters were belting tunes about the dangers of impulsive buying. But aside from reminding kids to be frugal, the song talks squarely about misleading advertisements.

Disappointed about sloppy burgers that don’t look like as advertised and the claimed magnetic properties of a branded perfume, Pepper, Charity, Zul, Justin, Bobby and Prudence sang, “Don't be fooled by ads you see. Spend your money wisely,” in the chorus of the “Big, Big Waste of Money” music video.

Sean Rach, Prudential’s regional director of brand and corporate affairs, explains that advertising has profound impact on young minds that still cant effectively discern a trick from a treat.

“They must be aware that they won’t get a lot of friends by just spraying on a cologne. These messages aren’t necessarily truthful. It’s very important to give them not a dose of skepticism but a sense of being aware and conscious in an early age.”

Also speaking with Marketing, Dr. Alice Wilder, educational psychologist and co-creator of Cha-Ching, said that you couldn’t start teaching financial literacy too early to kids, given the pervasiveness of digital and widespread use of mobile devices today.

“When kids go in the store, they don’t think about the little items placed by the cash register and why they are placed there. We are making them aware that it’s somebody’s job to place that last pieces of candy on the grocery store before you check out to bug their parents,“ Wilder, who was also head of research for Nickelodeon's hit show "Blue's Clues," adds.

The third season of Cha-Ching will air in Cartoon Network beginning 26 October in between its shows. To date, the series has reached 6.4 million households across Asia.


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