Property portal jumps on Nas Daily hype, issues challenge to couple

Following Nas Daily’s announcement that front man Nuseir Yassin and his girlfriend Alyne Tamir will be moving to Singapore, local property portal issued a video challenge to the social media duo yesterday. The challenge was for the couple to use's to find their dream home in Singapore.

The challenge was issued via a Facebook video with the hashtag #NasX99coChallenge.'s director of sales Jeff Koh fronted the video, issuing the challenge in a mix of Singlish and Hokkien and delivered the 1 minute video in a local flair.'s challenge was this: Find your home through and will pay for up to three months of housing rent. The monthly rental would be capped at SG$5K or SG$15k in total.

With the knowledge that the couple were looking to move by April 20 2019, the team moved quickly to film the video in the office last Friday 22 March and edited it over the weekend. This was met with a response by Tamir,who responded to the video with "Hey! CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!! We actually were trying using your website! Email us and let's find a HOME. *heads back to*"

Tamir mentioned that she took notice of the challenge because of the video, and they were also interested in a longer term place to set up their team instead of moving between residences. The team at is now working with Tamir and team to work out a suitable housing arrangement.

In a conversation with Marketing, a spokesperson from said that the couple had no idea the team was creating the video but the team was certain it was “well equipped” to help the duo find a new home and “wanted to give him a warm welcome to Singapore”.

While she did not specify on the ROI the company was hoping to get out of the stunt, she did explain that the team hopes to possibly collaborate on content in the future. When asked if the team had a contingency plan in case the duo didn’t respond, she said, “We would have exhausted all ways to reach them! But thanks to social media we managed to catch their attention.”

Currently, has over 100,000 property listings in Singapore alone and is well positioned to help the couple find their dream home in Singapore.