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Prizm and SmartRetail partnership: Enhancing the O2O2O experience in Asia

Prizm and SmartRetail partnership: Enhancing the O2O2O experience in Asia

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In the era of hyper-personalisation, technology has become a driving force in expanding the boundaries of intelligent marketing capabilities. It plays a pivotal role in shaping and redefining customer engagement, as businesses strive to deliver seamless experiences across various channels.

The omni-channel experience demands real-time data and agile modules to provide customers with instant flexibility and unmatched convenience. While the digital realm has witnessed significant transformations in customer interactions, offline interactions and online-to-offline-to-online (O2O2O) solutions are equally vital in reinforcing brand ecosystems and creating cohesive brand experiences.

Prizm x SmartRetail: Unlock new dimensions of O2O2O

Recognising the immense potential of data-driven customer journeys, Prizm has partnered with SmartRetail, a distinguished player in Asia's engagement out-of-home (EOOH or DOOH 2.0) domain. Headquartered in Hong Kong, SmartRetail operates extensively throughout Asia, including Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore. Notable location partners of SmartRetail include Swire Coca-Cola, 7-11, SF Express, AEON, and Chargespot, among others.

SmartRetail pioneers disruptive action-based advertising technology, anonymous facial recognition technology, and consumer insights solutions. By partnering with retailers, SmartRetail empowers them to monetise their consumer traffic through valuable external advertising actions, which in turn provide immediate in-store incentives for consumers.

The unique partnership offers a comprehensive, all-encompassing solution that seamlessly integrates online engagements with physical interactions. This integration enables valuable customer actions such as redemption, recommendations, upselling, and ultimately drives further conversions.

Additionally, SmartRetail touchpoints collect detailed customer behavioural insights, allowing for campaign optimisation and targeted retargeting strategies in the future, for example, brands can reward customers for their engagement by completing an action or filling out forms with free drinks on a vast network of vending machines.

Cutting-edge data-driven advertising platform

SmartRetail operates at the forefront of advertising technology, providing access to high-traffic spots in diverse retail ecosystems. These spots include convenience stores, petrol stations, vending machines, digital kiosks, commercial districts, hotels, shopping malls, and SF Express redemption centres.

Leveraging dynamic action-based advertising technology coupled with computer vision anonymous consumer profiling capabilities, SmartRetail delivers real-time data and consumer insights. Marketers can leverage this technology to create targeted traffic campaigns that prompt instant customer actions, from signups to purchases. Moreover, SmartRetail enables granular customer preference analysis, facilitating highly targeted incentivisation strategies that maximise conversions and align with brand objectives.

Instant rewards platform ecosystem

SmartRetail's instant rewards platform engages customers through enchanting experiences. It taps into the power of small, spontaneous incentives to motivate customers to take meaningful actions. Customers can engage with the platform by interacting digitally through channels such as IG chatbot, WhatsApp Business, or WeChat, and then redeem their rewards at physical locations.

Alternatively, they can be enticed by the rewards offered at high-traffic EOOHs, driving them to complete registration and redemption processes on-site. Through various partnerships, SmartRetail commands over 10,000 remote touchpoints across Hong Kong, including commercial offices, residential complexes, universities, and prime shopping locations.

Personalised O2O redemption/sampling Integration

SmartRetail offers a range of digitally enabled vending machines that accommodate various incentives, from branded gift cards to beauty samples and packaged sealed hot/frozen food samples. These vending machines are strategically placed in diverse locations, creating opportunities for brands to launch products and seamlessly distribute samples.

For instance, during the COVID pandemic, SmartRetail collaborated with Dettol to distribute sanitising samples at SF Express locations, amplifying product exposure and driving sales through additional coupon incentives.

“A dynamic alliance of creative thinking and robust technological implementation, forged through our partnership with SmartRetail, has produced immersive brand experiences that enchant and inspire,” said Jeffrey Hau, CEO of Prizm Group.

Hau envisions a potent collaboration with SmartRetail that brings together the synergy of imaginative concepts and strong technological execution. Through this partnership, Prizm and SmartRetail have created enchanting brand experiences that leave a lasting impact and inspire audiences.

“Empower the Future of Retail with a visionary approach that seamlessly blends interactivity, intuitive navigation, and captivating experiences, ushering in boundless possibilities for the industry,” said Kelvin Wong, general manager of Prizm Group.

By skillfully integrating engaging interactions and intuitive navigation, retailers can unlock a vast realm of untapped possibilities within the industry. Wong believes that this strategic vision holds the potential to redefine how consumers connect with brands by offering personalised immersive environments.

In the ever-evolving realm of O2O2O technologies, there is a sense of excitement about the transformative impact they hold for the retail industry. PRIZM and SmartRetail continue to provide clients with sophisticated solutions that enhance their O2O2O campaigns and unlock new dimensions of success in our increasingly interconnected world of digital and physical experiences.

Coupled with KlikNRoll, an eCommerce SaaS platform offered by PRIZM, the tool comes in handy to streamline the operations of 020 campaigns, offering a wide range of functionalities, including online booking and reservation, campaign-based eCommerce store solutions and voucher management. It's the perfect companion for O2O2O campaigns while demanding very little investment in technical development.

About SmartRetail:

Smart Retail has one clear purpose. To ensure our clients stay ahead by engaging more closely with valuable active consumers. We do this with unique, class-leading technologies that are both flexible and scalable to their objectives and aspirations. It’s been an amazing journey to date and one that can only get more exciting. At Smart Retail we know the future is closer.

About Prizm Group:

Prizm Group specialises in digital, social, data and CRM with six offices globally. The group excels in integrating martech and creativity for a seamless experience. In 2022 and 2023, Prizm received the prestigious Agency of the Year Award from MARKETING-INTERACTIVE twice.

The article is sponsored by SmartRetail & Prizm Group.

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