Pricerite trials e-shop channel at MTR

Pricerite is the latest to test the interactivity of MTR passenger, via a virtual e-shopping store in the MTR.

From now until May, Pricerite will feature more than 40 images of its products on the walls of Admiralty, Tseung Kwan O and Tsing Yi stations.

Each product image will come with a distinctive QR code for passengers to shop while waiting for the train to come.

To spur the trial, participants will receive a 15% discount off the retail price at the virtual shop and goods will be delivered to the shopper’s address of choice within 24 hours.

But, is such a high traffic and fast-moving platform like MTR the ideal location to shop?

Opinions are so far split over the topic.

Sony Communications head of marketing Joyce Tang, who recently engulfed one of Causeway Bay MTR’s exits with posters of its latest phone, Xperia Z, remains skeptical.

“Personally, I haven’t received much positive feedback about QR code response rates; this is mainly because Hong Kong people are more passive and receptive,” she told Marketing.

She said unless there are major discounts, people are “reluctant to interact with an ad.”

So Tang’s pushes have remained large poster-on-walls with a Facebook icon prompting people to connect with them online.

Given that an e-commerce wall of such calibre is still one of the first in Hong Kong, to say it will sink or float now is perhaps too early.

But Pricerite has at least one edge: its choice of selling FMCG products somewhat eliminates the touch-and-feel factor and can better justify a sale on such a new technology.

In a press statement Derek Ng, chief executive officer of Pricerite Stores, said the choice of using MTR ads was to capture a range of audiences.

“We have chosen MTR Advertising because the locations of the three MTR stations as well as the creative advertising formats deployed have strategically captured a variety of targeted consumers in the commercial and residential districts in Hong Kong,” he said.

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