This AI wants to pour you the perfect cup of coffee for your day

It's normal to grab a cup of coffee before work, and sometimes we even like to try out different flavors. However, it can be difficult to enjoy any new elements of the same type of coffee produced by the same store. A Hong Kong-based coffee shop has created an AI big data coffee which offers different tastes based on the weather, time and even the news. 

Coffee concept store Preface Coffee, created by coding school Preface Coding in collaboration with Secret Tour HK, has collaborated with a group of young programmers aged 12 to 15. After one month of effort and preparation, the first coffee big data AI system has finally come to fruition. 

Preface Coffee has developed an AI system which can tell the weather and time when a customer purchases coffee. It also factors in the level of positivity or negativity in current global news headlines. Based on these data, the AI system brews the most suitable coffee for customers.

For example, the AI system can adjust the temperature of the coffee if it's hot outside, or it can lower the caffeine ratio of the coffee to avoid causing insomnia during afternoon or sunset. 

At the same time, if global news is looking bleak, the AI system will increase the sweetness of the coffee, or increase the ratio of fruity coffee beans.

The coffee recipe is printed on the coffee cup sleeves, serving as a unique memento of the moment for customers.


Agency: Secret Tour Hong Kong
Client: Preface Coding

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