Precision Match and Effective Measure pair up

Digital marketing data provider PrecisionMatch and Effective Measure have partnered in India for audience data and media planning tools. The deal aims to offer effectiveness metrics in campaign measurement, brand health and advertising effectiveness.

PrecisionMatch will now be able to provide campaign success solutions to its clients, as well as aggregating audience data, building data segments and driving data targeted display campaigns.

Measurement metrics produced through the partnership will enable advertisers to study the effectiveness of their campaigns in terms of Digital Gross Rating Points, percentage ad reach to the right target audience, competitive health of their brand and audience familiarity.

This new model will help advertisers reach niche audiences across diverse interests and demographics through a wide variety of reach and impact solutions, with PrecisionMatch aiming to provide a one stop shop for digital advertising needs.

Chandrabhanu Pattajoshi, business head, PrecisionMatch said the alliance with Effective Measure is a step towards offering solutions that will help a marketer measure the performance of their campaigns against a brand’s marketing goals.

"We are delighted to partner with Effective Measure and committed to develop online as a direct-response channel," he added.