#PRAwards 2021 spills: 'The year 2020 forced us to re-think innovation tactics,' says Biz-Eyes

To tackle the challenge of alerting consumers to the threat of pollutants in the air in Vietnam, PR agency Biz-Eyes worked with its client, Lifebuoy, to implement various strategies through its “Lifebuoy Jarvis Y2” campaign. The campaign was well-received and allowed both parties to bag the gold award for best PR-led integrated communications at MARKETING-INTERACTIVE's PR Awards 2021. Through various executions and intensive usage of PR, the campaign incited a positive change wave in the target public, directing consumers towards better health and environmental concerns. It generated 585k total interactions, attracted over 39.3k unique audience, and created 116,439 buzzes with 6,878 buzzes for user-generated content.

In a conversation with MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, the Biz-Eyes team shared some of the proudest achievements it has seen in 2020, and what are some trends they have seen, and believe will be carried on post-pandemic. 

This interview is done as part of MARKETING-INTERACTIVE’s winners and finalists’ interview series for PR Awards 2021. To find out more about the awards, click here.

What would you say was the biggest accomplishment for the whole PR/communications community in 2020?

Biz-Eyes: We would say digital transformation. Despite challenges brought by the pandemic, 2020 forced us to re-think how we can innovate our inner strengths and adapt to the rapidly changing market. Most of us have planned and then procrastinated digital transformation. Ultimately, this unusual year accelerated and turned ideas into reality.

What would you say was your proudest achievement of the year?  

Biz-Eyes: Profound connections. Firstly, it was our internal synergy. We united as a family, reaching out and supporting each other despite the decentralised workforce. Secondly, we gained absolute trust from our beloved clients. Our mutual understanding has been enhanced significantly with both teams working in tandem at the fastest pace. Social connection and contribution are the last parts of our achievement last year. Throughout the COVID-19 situation, we saw very clearly the benefits of our project towards the community. Campaigns from Lifebuoy to remind people about personal hygiene or those from Clear to boost public mental health during social distancing periods are just a few examples to name.

What are some communications trends you see carrying on post-pandemic?  

Biz-Eyes: Virtual is still a big thing in the coming years. As online activities have become a crucial part of consumers’ life, virtual marketing keeps enhancing their experiences across all the touchpoints.

Purpose-driven communication has also emerged tremendously in the post-pandemic era. More than ever, brands now need to shape their shared values into compelling stories that address social issues related to their customers.

How will the role of communications professionals evolve as we move into a rather uncertain future?

Biz-Eyes: We morphed from service delivery people to business partners and growth drivers. In this uncertain time, nothing can be taken for granted, even a loyal friend. If we cannot understand deeply the situation each of our clients is enduring, we will never be able to provide any good advice for their business development. Such is why we need to work through the conventionally blurred line between clients and agencies.

What can we expect from your company in 2021? 

Biz-Eyes: An agency with an ever more human-centric approach. This manifests in our deeper understanding of consumers’ shifting behaviours, clients’ evolving business challenges and employees’ daily obstacles in this pandemic situation. Simultaneously, we adopt a more dynamic definition of “success”. Apart from assisting our clients to achieve their business goals, a positive impact on society will also be strongly demonstrated in our creative solutions. Lastly, we aim to maintain sustainable growth so that our team have enough pressure to thrive yet enough time to develop internal cohesion and distinctive values.