PR Asia Week | 8-11 December 2020

PR Asia has been an annual flagship PR and Communications focused conference in Singapore, organised by MARKETING INTERACTIVE since 2013. In 2019, we introduced PR Asia to Malaysia -the inaugural PR Asia Malaysia conference was a huge success owing to the high participation by PR Agencies, PR Consultants and in-house PR & Communications professionals. In 2020, fuelled by the feedback received and research undertaken by our team, PR Asia will cover 9 top critical issues faced by the vibrant PR and Communications community in APAC.

Why is it critical for you to participate in PR Asia 2020? Unprecedented in modern history, the COVID-19 pandemic has created utter chaos and major disruptions. PR Asia 2020, will address the new realities for PR and crisis communicators, exploring how brands are dealing with the impact of COVID-19 — discussing areas of priority for communications.

Thriving in 2021 and beyond will require you to be two steps ahead. Get started by joining PR Asia 2020.