PR and digital agency Vero expands into Indonesia

Southeast Asian PR and digital agency Vero has expanded into Indonesia, bringing its total office count to four including Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam and its agency head count to nearly 100 individuals in the region.

It first launched in Thailand in 2007 before expanding into Myanmar in 2012 and Vietnam this year. Marketing Interactive has reached out to Vero for additional information about the expansion.

Brian Griffin, Vero's managing director, said Indonesia is "a great new addition to the Vero family of companies. "Our new team in Jakarta really fits well with the modern agency we have created in the region. This new office has equipped us to better serve existing and new clients, many of whom are prioritizing Southeast Asia as a growth center," he said.

Meanwhile, Pawares Wongpethkao, Vero's chief digital and growth officer, said over the last several years, the agency has had the pleasure of working on campaigns in Indonesia with its partners. As such, it now feels like the right time to open its office and build its own team with a digital-first mindset.

“The most challenging, yet fun thing about doing the communication campaigns across the ASEAN region is understanding each country’s culture and localizing the big idea to suit the way people think. Without insights from teams in each country, it is a huge challenge to bring out the best out of a campaign,” he said.

He added that Vero's strength lies in having the right people in the right markets with a mindset to "truly localise as much as possible".