POSB takes a jab at Apple’s new high maintenance credit card

Local Singaporean bank POSB has taken a cheeky jab at Apple with a Facebook post boasting how its POSB Everyday Card “plays well with all your everyday things”. The move looks like a clear swipe at Apple’s latest Apple Card which is new kind of credit card which is said to be built on principles of simplicity, transparency, and privacy. But its long list of care instructions seem to be anything but simple.

On Apple’s support page, the company said the card may be damaged or discoloured by certain fabrics such as leather and denim, as well as abrasive objects such as loose change and keys. It explained that the card, made of titanium base material, is “laser-etched” and has a white finish achieved through a “multi-layer coating process”.

The preciousness of the card and its vulnerability to everyday things have amused many netizens, who came up with various memes and sarcastic remarks on social media. Spotting the trend, POSB also jumped on board, with a visual stating that its card is “OK” with various things, including more rebates.

The POSB Everyday Card: plays well with all your everyday things 😉

Posted by POSB on Monday, 26 August 2019

Meanwhile, a post by Apple Insider, which is a news site dedicated to Apple products, on Twitter has been going viral, with near to 1000 retweets. Here are some funny replies for your viewing pleasure:

Meanwhile, last year, POSB Bank also awarded The Secret Little Agency (TSLA) additional duties for its creative account. Marketing understands that TSLA wasn’t involved in the stunt and has reached out to both POSB Bank to ask for a statement.

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