POSB hands out grants to push creativity in local neighbourhoods

POSB, which is positioning itself as Singaporeans’ bank, has launched the POSB Storytellers Grant, a SG$150,000 initiative to fund the creation of works from aspiring storytellers.

Launched as part of its SG50 initiative NeighboursFirst, the grant aims to uncover and share compelling stories that redefine the way Singaporeans see neighbourhoods and communities today.  These storytellers can be photographers to writers, artists to videographers, or anyone with a unique tale that provide contemporary and refreshed perspectives on Singapore’s ‘new neighbourhoods’.

The POSB Storytellers Grant aims to inspire Singaporeans by documenting the new possibilities, connections and discoveries ignited by their neighbourhoods. Aspiring storytellers who wish to participate in the POSB Storytellers Grant can sign up via a specially created portal. A judging panel will then select the three most compelling stories, and the grant’s funds will go towards the development and execution of these neighbourhood stories into pieces that can be easily shared with the public.

Derrick Goh, head of POSB said, “As the People’s Bank, we want to reach out to aspiring storytellers as the wonderful interactions that go on within our neighbourhoods form a crucial part of Singapore’s identity. Our hope is that by capturing these stories and sharing them with the wider public, we can help Singaporeans see our communities with fresh perspectives, bring us closer together and ignite new possibilities.”

In December last year, working with its media agency Havas Media, POSB also launched NeighboursFirst.SG, a story-telling platform which allows the general public to rediscover their neighbourhood through content that celebrates the unique Singaporean identity.

The POSB Storytellers Grant is in line with POSB’s recent initiatives to build new narratives for neighbourhoods in the hope of strengthening community ties and igniting positive change. POSB recently launched the POSB PAssion KidsWrite Campaign programme in partnership with the People’s Association and the National Library Board, with the objective of empowering children to dream, voice and bring about positive change in the community.

These initiatives also complements DBS Bank’s sponsorship of “A New Singapore” a weekly series of stories in The Straits Times focusing on the people and places that are shaping the Singapore of the future.

“A New Singapore” first ran in The Straits Times from 9 February to 16 March, with stories of people who are signalling the future for Singapore, and inspiring new ways of thinking about the country. The series picks up again from 19 May to 16 June.

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