Pos Malaysia banks on Avengers hype to celebrate its unsung heroes

Pos Malaysia has seized the opportunity to show appreciation towards its postmen by jumping on the latest Avengers: Endgame hype. In a statement to A+M, Pos Malaysia's EVP of marketing Schrene Goh said the stunt is also part of its marketing campaign with The Walt Disney Company for the upcoming Marvel/Avengers' special stamp issue and related merchandise. This is in conjunction with the 80th anniversary of Marvel.

The company posted a picture of a postman in a Spiderman suit on Facebook with the caption "Setelah menewaskan Thanos, Spiderman tetap istiqomah menyambung kerja tetapnya.", which roughly translates to "After defeating Thanos, Spiderman remains steadfast and dedicated in continuing his regular work." The post garnered over 1.9k reactions, 399 comments and 564 shares at the time of writing. Netizens' reactions were mainly positive, with some complimenting the marketing stunt and declaring their appreciation for Pos Malaysia.

According to Goh, Pos Malaysia wanted to leverage the Endgame fever to portray its postmen as heroes, making them feel more appreciated and valued for their hardwork and efforts. As part of this initiative, the hashtag #posmenheroku will also be used throughout the year. She added that postmen form the core of Pos Malaysia and they still are an integral element of Malaysian society. This is because they deliver "packages of happiness" to consumers and Goh said Pos Malaysia believes this is what a hero is all about.

"This is also part of our marketing strategy to engage with customers and the general public, particularly the younger generation and Millennials who continue to dominate online eCommerce and digital marketing channels," Goh added.

When asked why Pos Malaysia chose Spiderman in particular, Goh said the qualities possessed by the character, such as agility, quick reflexes, resilience, stamina, endurance and wit, are similar to traits exemplified by its postmen. The marketing stunt was also done ahead of the next Spiderman: Far From Home movie which is scheduled to be released during the second half of 2019. Besides this latest stunt, Goh said there are other initiatives in the pipeline to revitalise the brand, combining innovation and digitalisation to boost customer experience in its courier service.

"We were delightfully surprised with the public's reception of our Spiderman stunt on social media. During the photoshoot, some passersby were seen whipping out their smartphones to capture the rare moment of a postman in a Spiderman's costumer on Pos Malaysia's motorcycle," Goh said. She added that some motorists even requested for a selfie with the postman at the traffic light.

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