Porsche creates media driving academy

Porsche Asia Pacific, with the support of AAS Auto Service, the official Porsche importer in Thailand, organised the Porsche Media Driving Academy for the first time from May 6 to 16. The structure of the Porsche Media Driving Academy consists of three performance courses: Individual, Professional and Elite.

The Porsche Media Driving Academy, which is held annually, is designed to demonstrate the maximum performance of Porsche cars. The course offered journalists the opportunity to experience the breadth and versatility of Porsche models from the everyday sports cars to the street-legal race cars.

The first event saw the participation of journalists mastering the skills of driving the complete range of Porsche cars that include the 911 Carrera GTS Cabriolet, 911 Turbo, Cayman GTS, Panamera S, Cayenne S E-Hybrid and Macan. They had the opportunity to discover and push their own driving capabilities with the help of experienced instructors, providing them with first-hand experiences of Porsche’s motorsports DNA that is embedded in every Porsche car.

“Through the carefully curated active driving programme, the Porsche Media Driving Academy offers journalists the right amount of attention and guidance that heighten the understanding and specific characteristics of the Porsche vehicle concept and core technologies,” Martin Limpert, managing director of Porsche Asia Pacific said.

View the driving excitement during the Porsche Media Driving Academy here: