Most popular 2013 YouTube ads in the PH

Sketches about true beauty, a robot named Edgar and a rock anthem are among the most popular ads on YouTube in the Philippines for 2013.

Eight out of 10 Filipino-made video ads have secured a spot at the YouTube 2013 Ads Leaderboard for the country last year. Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches leads the poll with over 61.6 million views to date.

The rest of the top 10 is a motley crew of brands ranging from fast food, hair care, FMCG and telecommunications. The only foreign brand aside from Dove is Samsung for and ad promoting the Galaxy S4.

While no single theme captures 2013’s most popular ads in the Philippines, Ryan Morales, head of marketing for Google Philippines says that what’s common across these ads is “the ability to engage audiences the way advertising hasn’t been able to do.

“As soon as you place advertising on a site where it is a lean-forward experience—one where you can interact with, click on, and share the story—the creative goes to the next level.”

“The themes of each video show how much Filipinos appreciate humor, music, and emotionally engaging stories. And while these are universal themes, what sets the ads in the list apart is their connection with the audience, enhanced by creative execution”, he observed," Ryan adds

Below is the top 10 most popular ads on Youtube in the Philippines based on based on paid views organic views and audience retention. It includes commentary from Lisa Sioson, creative director of MRM Worldwide Manila, on what she thought made these ads compelling and engaging enough to be in list.

“People go to YouTube to be entertained. More advertisers will realize that. Where viewers see the ad is just as important as the ad content itself,” Sioson said.

10. Jessy Mendiola surprises Teng Brothers (mcdonaldsPH)

McDonald’s ads have always highlighted great moments from ordinary encounters. With almost three million views, this ad does not break the streak. “It was charming and very timely,” said Lisa. “Everyone knew about the UAAP sibling rivalry subplot; everyone knew about Jeric's crush on Jessy, too. Brotherhood love + surprise by crush = a video that made viewers grin as widely as Jeric did.”

9. Labels Against Women (Pantene Philippines)

As part of its “Whip It” campaign, Pantene’s take on gender bias went viral globally within a month after it was uploaded. It got the attention of international media and personalities such as Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer, who reposted the video on her page, saying the ad is one of the most powerful she has seen about the differing views in how men and women do things. Since it went online on November 9, the ad now has almost 32 million views. “It didn’t sell shampoo. It was selling a movement against sexism,” Lisa noted.

8. Introducing Samsung GALAXY S4 (Samsung Mobile)

The four-minute promotional video breaks down the smartphone’s features in four aspects: fun, relationship, care, and convenience. Samsung Galaxy S4 is also the second most searched term on Google Philippines in 2013, and the top searched smartphone.

7. Toffee's Best Dog Bath Ever (NestlePurinaPH)

Nestle Philippines has made an icon out of the dog Toffee, whose adventures are chronicled on YouTube. “You can't go wrong with a cute, talented dog. It's no secret that the greatest phenomenon on YouTube is how furry animals can increase audience retention. The whole spot also seemed like a film: less selling, more doggie tricks,” said Lisa.

6. Ramon Bautista, SmartNet Da Moves (smartcorporate)

Consumers will always go after free service, but a good promotion surely helps with gaining more patrons. “Aside from the fact that Ramon Bautista (actor, DJ, teacher) is the star, the product promise is highly relevant to netizens. They want to be connected and they want affordable ways to do it. Humorous and relatable storyline, too,” said Lisa.

5. Four Seasons Tang-Go with Ryzza! (TangMNL)

The “Tang-Go” dance shows how an online ad can spread offline and generate even more interest. This is especially effective if the ad is driving a positive action from the target audience. This ad had two major elements going well for it: Ryzza and a social impact. Ryzza Mae Dizon is a talented, award-winning child protégé who’s been a favorite among kids and adored by adults. Using her celebrity status, Ryzza dances her way to encourage fellow kids as well as mothers to be active, creative and motivated.

4. Iya Shines (PantenePhilippines)

TV host Drew Arellano’s mysterious surprise was aired on TV as a teaser and led to the YouTube video that’s almost seven minutes long. Despite the length, viewers are drawn to the inspiring love story. There is no evident product advertisement but then, who wouldn’t want to look best for his man?

3. Ely Buendia, Rico Blanco, Raimund Marasigan, and Barbie Almalbis collaborate! (smartcorporate)

Lisa notes the musical powerhouse cast and relatable song for this ad, the combination of which has a strong appeal to Pinoys. The uplifting ad is aired on TV and extended to YouTube. The collaboration has gone further to lead the “country’s first interactive concert” aired live on YouTube.

2. Ramon Bautista vs. Parokya Ni Edgar (NescafePH)

“I know a lot of people who didn't press the skip ad button on this one,” Lisa said. “They were either a fan of Ramon Bautista, Parokya, or Shaider and Power Rangers. The whole video played like some crazy, ‘80s B-movie…and we got entertained! For consumers, that's what YouTube videos are all about: entertainment.” The three-minute clip now has 1.7 million views.

1. Dove Real Beauty Sketches (doveunitedstates)

A few tears may have been shed in viewing this video, echoing how powerful its effect is and reminding everyone that each of us is beautiful. Watching it is both a journey and a reflection: “How would I describe myself?” The audience is prompted to visit the site containing the individual sketches in the campaign, thereby prolonging engagement. Not a lot of ads can hold a place in people’s hearts. The video is now at 61.5 million views.