Popular Indoeskrim commercial pays tribute to the 90s style of film

Indonesian ice cream brand Indoeskrim has launched a new ad spot, in a bid to promote its Nusantara line of ice cream products. Titled “Kisah Legenda Nusantara”, the video it shot up to fifth place on YouTube Indonesia's trending list, at the time of writing.

According to an article on The Jakarta Post, the video was produced by Indonesian filmmaker Dimas Djayadiningrat, and was inspired by Indonesian soap operas. Marketing has reached out to Indoeskrim for comment.

The video plot takes on a style and quality reminiscent of traditional-themed shows broadcast in the 1990s. It features a pair of royal siblings arguing over food as they attempt to throw punches at one another. The mother of the siblings, who is inferred to be the queen is alerted by the guards overlooking the siblings. When her attempt to stop the fight is unsuccessful, she calls her husband using a heavily decorated smartphone, who is flying a top of giant bird, for help.

The husband, who is revealed to be the king, then utilises what seems to be Google Maps, to identify the queen and children's locations and quickly intervenes by generating a giant case containing Indoeskrim ice cream. The siblings cease their fight and the whole family proceeds to enjoy Indoeskrim in the comfortable confines of their palace.

The video currently has two versions, a three-minute video and a 60-second spot. The three-minute video has garnered 1,501,941 views, 14,324 likes and 4,228 comments at the time of writing.