Brands withdraw ads from TVB in possible reaction to HK extradition bill coverage

Amid the high controversy surrounding a hugely unpopular extradition bill, Hong Kong netizens have been urging brands to boycott TVB. Those calls seem to have been heard as Pocari Sweat Hong Kong was said to have withdrawn its ads from featuring on the local broadcaster.

In a post on Lihkg, a netizen posted a response allegedly from Pocari Sweat Hong Kong.

The post stated: “In view of the current situation, we have made a decision to withdraw the advertisements placement from TVB broadcast stations last week, and we will request to withdraw all advertisements on other TVB platforms.”

[caption id="attachment_265032" align="alignnone" width="540"] Source: Lihkg[/caption]

The statement also reads: “Meanwhile, we are also conducting comprehensive reviews on our media planning towards TVB broadcasting station, and also have taken a proactive step to urge TVB broadcast station to respond to public concern.”

Marketing has reached out to Otsuka Pharmaceutical, the manufacturer of Pocari Sweat, to confirm the news.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong-based condom manufacturer Wonder Life has also withdrawn ads from the broadcaster. On its official Facebook page, the company said: “Due to the way TVB works in recent years have been doubted by the public, we decided not to choose TVB as a platform to promote our products until the company reflects on how they work, and responds to public views directly and positively.”

Though Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam yesterday declared the bill was “dead”, netizens continue to protest against the government, and pro-China brands and companies. TVB has been especially singled out for criticism over its stance on political issues, especially in the context of its news reporting.

Looking ahead, Netizens are seeking further means to make their anger against the channel felt. One such method includes a widely circulated call to action, coyly suggesting people “highly support” TVB’s outdoor functions with their attendance. In seeming anticipation of this, yesterday the company cancelled two such live events prior to the release of HKDSE examination results at V City in Tuen Mun, and apm in Kwun Tong.

This is an ongoing story which will likely evolve soon. If you have any information that would help us in our coverage, please reach out to our team at or use our anonymous tip-off system.