Former BBH execs create brand-agency platform

Software company Pie, founded by Thijs Jacobs (pictured right), former BBH Asia Pacific head of creative technology, and Pieter Walraven(pictured left), former product director from BBH has launched its first office in Singapore.

The company offers a platform and tools for agencies and marketers to share and discuss creative ideas with a more visual focus.  It allows users to share and discuss links that they find inspirational and would like to share with their team.

Currently Pie is free and similar to Yammer, it groups users in the same private environment based on their email domain. The company also has plans to integrate with other platforms such as Evernote, Dropbox and Google Drive.

“Our goal is to enable teams from all over the world to tap into their collective expertise. We do this by offering a social layer on top of the cloud storage services that people are already using,” Walraven said.

Pie currently has over 650 companies on its platform and clients include Spotify, Edelman, BBH, JWT, Y&R, Citi, Shell and others.

“Our sweet spot is agencies, marketing departments, PR firms and the like as these people read a lot for work and have to keep track of new ideas, industry trends, competitors, latest viral videos,” Walraven added.

Currently the platform is being funded by BBH Asia Pacific’s former ECD, Steve Elrick and Peng Tsin Ong, founder of